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Red Lantern is a turn-key company for organisations, brands and individuals wanting to engage with audiences in priority international markets. Our services include: localised content creation, design, events, and digital product development. Let us plot a path for you in the future economy.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, never more has this idiom been truer than in the digital age. But with a raft of different languages and cultural sensibilities, what works for your brand in the West might not be the case in Asian priority markets.

Red Lantern’s design studio in the Chinese city of Chengdu creates beautiful impactful design work, from one-off static digital wall-art to feature length animations.

The past few years has witnessed a move away from online content being read, to online content being watched. The bar over the quality of content users expect has been raised.

And as with words, visual language needs to be localised too.


Asian media landscapes can be complicated – particularly China. Red Lantern builds out strategies that fit your objectives, and create localised content in the correct tone of voice.

This is content published on the right platforms, at the right time. In China, with all leading western social media currently blocked, a brand needs to carve out an entirely bespoke offering.

When we say that our award-winning creative content team ‘values’ engagement this works two ways. Firstly, it means engagement is the first metric that we look for to assess performance on the content we create.

Its second meaning is that we actually put an Asian market rate value on the content we create, so the client can get a clear sense of return on investment for itself and partners.


Experiential marketing is about turning your fans into your advocates. Red Lantern organises labelled events in Asia to engage fans and customers on a deeper level, ultimately making them advocates for your brand.

From exclusive film screenings to fan festivals, we organise events that engage and inspire.

Fans and customers in Asia are no longer always satisfied with just engaging with you via their mobile phones. They want to get the opportunity to live your events in person and then share that experience with their friends and family.

A key part of your fan acquisition strategy needs to be backed up with a consistent and delightful digital strategy with the opportunity to engage with offline events.


Content creation is increasingly only one part of the jigsaw.

The way Western brands build relationships with fans and customers in Asia is becoming more and more sophisticated. This means marketing itself is becoming more intelligent, as we move with trend away from broadcast messaging to a more personalised approach.

Our development team and project management approach can help engineer products – from mobile Apps to CRM systems – that create a deeper relationship between a brand and its fans and customers. And ultimately this is about building a pathway to transactions and monetisation.

Innovate or die is our mantra. And whilst the speed of change can be scary, it is outweighed by the excitement new opportunities can create.

Our Team

at a glance...

Lewis Hannam

Managing Director

Zhe Ji


Zongyuan Lin

Head of Content

Shikharr Chandra

Head of India

Damien Chen

Business Development Manager

Enrico Shirvariandya

Head of Indonesia

Mohamed Osama

Middle East Content Lead

Shiyi Wang

Operation Manager

Yuki Kuroda

Head of Japan

Zixian Chen

Account Manager

Wanjun Yang

Content Producer

Minh Nguyen

Vietnam Content Producer

Dashuang Chen

Content Producer

Kevin Ferdinand Aipassa

Content Producer

Zhiren Hou

Content Producer

Xiaoyi Shen

Content Producer

Ricky Jordan

Content Producer

Yao Liu

Content Producer

Mohamed Osama Osman Hassan

Arabic Content Producer

Xiao Huang

Content Producer

Jimmy Kumar

Video Producer, India

Hao Zhang

Account Manager

Rifky Zul Fauzan

Indonesia Consultant

Guojun Guan

Content Producer

Steve Choi

Video Producer

Jiehao Chen

Content Producer

Kaiwei Yu

Content Producer

Amit Sinha

Content Producer, India

Yuki Kuroda

Japan Consultant

Ziqin Deng

App Assistant

Shan Huang


Ritabrata Banerjee

Content Producer, India

Zhipeng Hu

Video Editor

Peng Chen

Video Editor

Pongsak Chantem

Thailand Consultant

Tingting Wu

Video Editor

Yu Pang


Chuanhui Zhou

Content Producer

Dihan Ying

Content Producer

Shiyi Wang

Operation Manager

Yuehao Guan

Head Designer

Rourou Sun

Content Producer

Calum Anderson


Yang Li

Content Producer

Chenbing Wu

Account Manager

Kenneth Shepherd


Rui Feng

Account Manager

Royal Wang

Marketing Manager


Accounts Manager

Jiapeng Hu

Content Producer

Jiajing Deng